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Parent Code of Conduct

Parents and spectators will be expected to act in a positive and supportive sportsmanlike manner at all times before, during and after all practices and games.  This includes social media and other outside sources. Our expectations of the guidelines below apply to all parents, coaches, officials, players and LPRD employees.  This is a reminder that all LPRD facilities and parks do not allow tobacco products or marijuana, this includes no smoking, vaping, use of illegal drugs, or alcohol consumption. We also expect no profanity, only positive encouragement for all those that are participating. If you see something that interferes with the program, an activity that could cause harm, or violates LPRD policies, please inform LPRD staff or after hours please call the non-emergency police phone number at (541) 693-6911. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in parents or participants being removed from the program or facilities.

Stay Positive

Finding the good in every child’s performance is very important.  Even if it is nothing more than a “good try” comment, encouragement is always the way to go.  Our expectations of parents and spectators involvement in our programs, working with our coaches, officials, players and LPRD employees are to bring a positive experience for all that are participating in our programs.  Failure to participate in a positive or respectful manner, or you bring a negative experience for anyone participating in our programs, the person may be removed from the program and facilities.

Encourage Sportsmanship & Respect the Program & Facilities

Cheer for both teams.  Applaud effort by all players and maintain a good attitude whether you win or lose.  Children learn by what they see, and if they see you congratulate both teams and keep the cheering positive, they’ll follow that example.  As parents, coaches, staff and participants we know how hard it is to meet everyone's expectations. Parents please set a good working and communication role with all coaches, LPRD employees, and officials.  We need everyone to work together to bring around a positive and successful season.

Let Coaches Coach & Respect the LPRD Staff & Facilities

Due to the large growth in our District, we will no longer take requests for specific teams.  If you have special requests, due to ridesharing or transportation, please email the sports coordinator for review and approval.  Out of great respect for our volunteer coaches, officials, hard working staff and maintenance crew, please help your child learn to respect those that are running the program, setting up and tearing down, and cleaning up the facilities.  Parents and spectators please respect the field of play, team, official and scorekeeper areas. We ask all parents and spectators to please hold themselves to the spectator areas and seats.  This will not only keep our kids safe, but it will prevent any person of interest from having contact with our participants during our programs.

Let Children Play

LPRD's main goal is to teach basic skills, work ethic, pride and sportsmanship.  Winning is not as important as participation, having fun and doing your best.  Play to win, but most importantly, play with the intention of learning and respecting others. 

Consequences for Inappropriate Spectator Behavior

This is a topic that we would rather not have to discuss, but if the situation should arise the parent or spectator will be asked to follow these protocols to keep the program in balance and on track for the season.  One verbal warning will be given by a LPRD employee, coach, referee or field supervisor.  If the behavior or acts of question continues, the spectator will be asked to leave the facility for the duration of the game.  If the spectator refuses, law enforcement will be called and law enforcement may remove the spectator. The parent or spectator will not be allowed back to watch practices or games until after a meeting with the Executive Director.  This may include a suspension from all LPRD programs and properties up to one year.

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