To our great Community,

We hope that everyone is staying safe and faring well during these trying times in our Country and in our State. We understand that for many, daily life and routines have been upset and we find ourselves in uncharted waters. It is our sincere hope that things will return to normal as quickly as possible and that our Community will emerge better and stronger having weathered a crisis together.

It has been a trying week for LPRD, to be sure. Our staff has been working on projects, planning events, classes and activities, behind the scenes. With the Community Center being so quiet due to the lack of activity, it’s been quite a productive time for us! Although, it’s worth noting that we surely miss the hustle and bustle of daily activity that normally happens. We do love seeing and interacting with the wonderful people of South County who regularly participate in the activities we offer. We all come to work each day with an excitement to serve our community. We like to think that not many people get to have jobs like ours. Not only do we get to serve great people on a daily basis, we have so much fun doing it! Part of why the week has been so trying is because this dynamic has been altered in light of extended closures and uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring. As you know, from a previous update, with schools being shut down until the end of April, our after school programs have been suspended, as well. Last week we made the decision to temporarily discontinue all activities but to keep our staff hard at work, planning for when life returns to normal.

Many are not aware that our funding comes from four primary sources – the tax base (~50%), private grants and donations (~5%), program fees (~25%) and facility rentals (~20%). This week, as we have considered the financial impact of the effectual shut down of the economy as it relates to the District, it has become apparent that 25% of our funding is temporarily gone in program fees, along with 20% more in facility rentals. Additionally, another 5% is in jeopardy with the uncertainty of private grants and donations as many individuals, businesses and and organizations are taking a direct hit to their bottom line. The District will be impacted by this for sometime beyond the current pandemic as our economy recovers. Because of this, and in our effort to steward the limited resources of the District as effectively and efficiently as we are able, we have come to the difficult decision to shut down all facilities at least through the end of May 2020, possibly longer, depending upon what happens over the next several weeks and months. Along with it, we have made the even more difficult decision to layoff more than half of our wonderful, dedicated and hard-working staff. The financial impact is just too great to carry on with business as usual. The impact to the District of the larger effect on our economy right now will outlast this short-term pandemic and we would be remiss if we didn’t take action now to protect the future of the District. Our mindset is positive as we move forward, staying connected with the community we care for so deeply. We understand that it may take time for us to get back to where we were, but we are determined to move forward. We have a responsibility to our Community to wisely steward our resources for the benefit of all, and that is what we are doing, to the best of our ability. We’re thankful for a great Community of people who support us and we will continue to serve the great people of South County!

For now, we are working with a limited staff who are all able to work remotely for the time being. Please be patient as phone messages may take a bit longer for a response. A great way to contact us is via email at Also, you can stay up-to-date by liking our Facebook Page. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are here for the Community and look forward to when things return to normal.


Karen Miller, Executive Director

LPRD Board of Directors

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