Adult Education Course


We have a variety of learning programs which cater to all ages of adults. We update our adult education calendar on a month basis. Please see class below.

Central Oregon Community College

The Greater La Pine Adult Education and Recreation Committee, in partnership with Central Oregon Community College is now offering live streaming community classes at the La Pine Community Center Computer Lab.

Check our calendar  for upcoming classes!


Adult Education Partnership

The South Deschutes County Partnership for Adult Education exists in order to promote engagement, organization and action among its members as they serve the educational needs of the adult population of South Deschutes County.

We engage by meaningful connection: Partners meet quarterly to maintain frequent communication among members, report programmatic updates with each other and support individual efforts as is necessary and helpful.

We organize by intentional coordination: Partners share and cross-promote classes, workshops and events in order to increase community awareness of the variety of educational and recreational opportunities provided for adults across all organizations involved.

We act by effective collaboration: Partners work together for the purpose of fostering new ideas and creating shared goals in order to better serve adults in South Deschutes County through member’s various programs.


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