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 "Year-round pickleball, including Open Play, Round Robins, Paddle Battles and more! $5 per visit for drop in play, or $50 for a whole year. Visit the Pickleball website for more information:"


Finley Butte Park- Outdoor courts

Open play for Recreational Players and Beginners/ As weather permits

At the LPRD Community Center

Sundays 12pm-6pm/ Mondays 7-10am-4pm-5pm(Subject to change due to events)

Tuesdays 8-am-12pm and 4-6pm/ Wednesdays 7-10am and 2-5pm

Thursdays 7am-12pm-2pm-6pm/ Fridays 7am-4pm(Subject to change due to events)

Lessons: Jen Toso-  Phone: 541-633-3678/ Email:

Tai Chi

LPRD Community Center

Mondays: 10am-1pm

Wednesdays: 10am-11am

$35.00 month: 2 times a week

$15.00 month: once a week

Body & Mind- Feidenkrais Method

LPRD Community Center

Tuesdays: 7am-8am

Will Return in the fall of 2023

Open Gym! Volleyball 

LPRD Community Center

Adult Volleyball (ages 16 & up) - Mondays 6pm-9:30pm

Adult Basketball (ages 16 &up) -  Wednesdays 6pm-9:30pm

 Punch card - $12.00 -4 punches or $25.00 for the entire season!

(available at office)

Three Rivers Archery

Starting November 1,2022

Are you interested in Learning archery or improving your shooting skills?

Must be at least 8 years old. You will need your own equipment.

* Limited first come first serve loaner equipment available on a 2 weeks trail basis.

Indoor winter season: Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings from 6pm-7:30pm

Outdoor Archery Range-The Kelly Young Memorial Park. 

Open dawn to dusk every day of the week with $5.00 donation* Range will be open as long as weather permits.

For more information: contact JR Lorimor at 541-420-2741

Adult Social Activities

LPRD Community Center​  

Checkers/Chess/Cribbage/Pinochle/Dominoes/Mexican Train  

Tuesdays: 1pm-2pm


Senior Social Society

LPRD Community Center​  

Cookies, Coffee & Conversation and much more! 

Tuesdays: 11am-1pm



                                        Conceal Carry Class


LPRD Community Center



Pre-sign up required!

Register Deadline : March 14,2023

CPR, AED & First Aid Class


LPRD Community Center



Pre-sign up required!

Register Deadline :

* There is an online portion that will need to be completed prior to in person class.

Mosaic Stepping Stone Class

LPRD Community Center

June 7, 2023

$25.00 per person

 6:00pm- 7:30pm

All materials are included or bring your own custom items to place in the stone to personalize it.

Register Deadline June 6, 2023

Golf Lessons

Quail Run Golf Course


June 13- Chipping/  June 20- Pitching/ June 27-Irons

July 11- Woods & Tee Shots/. July 18-Special Shots/ July 25- Putting 

 $25.00 per Class or $125 for all six lessons

 5:00pm- 6:00pm

Register Deadline :Day  before each class

Adult Ed/Rec Form

When making a payment for Adult Recreation Classes, use the box below to pay and fill out
Adult Ed/Rec Form below
and scan and email to
or you can drop off at the office (if office is not open you can leave form in outside black drop box). You can make the payment in the online payment box or you can pay over the phone 541-536-2223.
Adult Recreation Online Payment


Select an Option

Thanks for your payment!

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