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We believe that an active kid is a healthy kid. With that in mind, we offer seasonal sports opportunities for youth of all ages.

With classes, workshops & activities surrounding education, recreation, health and business, there are ample opportunities for adults.

We offer outside-of-school programs in La Pine and Sunriver as well as a fun Summer Adventure Day program for youth in 1st-5th grades.

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Our Motto at LPRD



We work hard at playing hard! No matter how active you want to be the Greater La Pine Area has unending recreational opportunities – the outdoors at your front door! It is, perhaps, that for which we are best known. With dozens of lakes, rivers and streams, trails and mountains along with distinct seasons, there is no limit to recreational opportunities for those who love to play!



Learning is a life-long pursuit. Whether one is young or old, they will hopefully never stop learning. LPRD provides opportunities for every member of our community, no matter their age, to increase their knowledge in a number of ways. Whether you want to learn a new sport or activity or take an educational class on a particular topic, it’s likely that we have programming to meet your needs!

In everything – our playing and our learning – we encourage people to explore the opportunities which life puts in front of them. Living in Central Oregon easily lends itself to active exploration. Explore the outdoors; explore education; explore new relationships; explore new experiences! Whatever the case, we would like the opportunity to be a part of the adventure with you!

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